Wedding Packages


Package 1

Our base package allows us to offer everything required to dance confidently with your soon to be spouse. With a package of five one hour lessons for $350 our top level instructor will choreograph a dance to your special song and will give you a routine to dance and practice. 


Package 2

This option offers not only five one hour lessons but also two month long passes to Downtown Dance. This will allow you to try out a variety of dance styles to get a better feel of what you would like to learn for your first dance as well as dance skills moving forward. This Package is $375.


Package 3

This Package is all about getting your bridal party involved in the fun. We've all seen those amazing bridal parties who took the time together to do something special for the Big day. With this option lets make a special mark on your big day. 3-10 people for $90 for an hour.